Anderson Manufacturing Repair and Return Form

Please provide us with the information about the part you need to return to us in the form below. 

AFTER the form is submitted, we will contact you with an RMA#. Please included the RMA# on any paperwork you submit and write it on the box you return the part in.

For your information: It is legal for a customer to ship a registered firearm to Anderson Manufacturing.

Also, it is legal for Anderson Manufacturing to ship the registered firearm directly back to the owner.

Send your return via USPS or UPS to:
Anderson Manufacturing
Service and Warranty, RMA# (your RMA#)
1743 Anderson Blvd.
Hebron, KY 41048

Anderson Manufacturing will not be responsible for defects, malfunctions or required repairs resulting from:
• Improper assembly of a firearm.
• Unauthorized modification, alteration or improper repair or disassembly.

Anderson Manufacturing assemblies that have been significantly modified or used with incorrect components may be declined for repair. Assemblies not manufactured by Anderson Manufacturing will not be accepted for repair or any work.

Anderson Manufacturing's Warranty does not cover assembly errors. Examples of assembly errors include: Broken trigger guard ears, stripped threads, and cracks due to over tightening.

Returns will be evaluated on a case by case basis. In some instances we may offer replacement parts at a discount or make other recommendations.


Firearms or parts that are returned to Anderson for service will be evaluated to determine if the service is to be charged a fee. If a fee is required, the customer will be notified and a credit card will be required to cover the cost of the repair.

Evaluation $30
Cleaning $50
Labor $50
Replacement parts: Depends on the cost of the parts requiring replacement.
Shipping: UPS