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  1. Can we get added as a dealer on your website? Outr company is not listed under the 28551 area code.

    1. we will check on this for you
      Thank you for the heads up

  2. I’d like to be added back as well. 41042

    1. we are still working on the dealer locator

  3. Looking for replacement parts for your 80% jig couldn’t find them on your website. I heard they were available

  4. I vave a anderson home build 1:7 twist midlengt gas system and its not working with 223 tula

  5. Hi I’m building an AR-15 pistol and on one of your kids for the pistol build I want to know if I could trade out certain things?
    I have already stopped the order for the upper receiver since your pistol build kit has the upper receiver in it. Could I trade out the buttstock to one of your pistol butt stocks?

    1. we do not do trade ins. you could return and send back to us and be charged a 25% restocking fee.

  6. Your 4th of JULY 2017 “FREE SHIPPING” for over $500 purchase option is not working. Please let your webmaster (IT) know. Also, will I get a refund? Thanks for looking into this.

  7. Still need a replacement top plate for my 80% jig I purchased here.

  8. How do I become a dealer for you? I thought I was but can’t log in

    1. Yes this account is set up as a dealer



    1. we are working on the dealer locator

  10. I need to be listed on the dealer locator as well. Zip code 03046. Jays Gun Shop.
    Thank you.

    1. we are working on the dealer locator

  11. Looking for a stripped RF85 lower

    1. We do not sell a stripped RF85 upper. You need to have other parts to make it work

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